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Plant Wide Automated Statistical Process Control Program

For companies implementing a plant-wide automated QA/SPC/DOE program, IQCS CERTIFICATION offers the right QA/SPC/DOE products and people needed to build an effective Measuring and Monitoring System For Continual Improvement.

IQCS CERTIFICATION is the exclusive representative in various parts of Asia of a wide-range of QA/Quality Engineering/Statistical software (USA software manufacturers) and has very broad range of solutions – from a simple QA/SPC tool to a network of sophisticated QA/SPC/DOE System (e.g., Real Time Networking System).

The Product Type: DESIGN EXPERT (DX-12)


Design Expert License Type:

* Single-User Subscription

* Single-User with Renewal AS&M

* Annual Network

* Student Rental (6 months or 1 Year)


Applicable Industry/Customer: 

* Commercial or Industry

* Funded Research

* Academic/Teaching/Unfunded Research

* Consultant Training

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